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According to Stats SA’s report in Dec 2020, housebreakings remain to be one of the most common crimes in South Africa. Victims of housebreakings are quite often left with having to pick up the pieces of their lives, not only due to the loss of personal possessions, but even worse, due to the sense of violation after such an ordeal.

Glass and Allied are passionate about encouraging all South Africans to make every effort to prevent potential loss and trauma – inevitable for all housebreaking survivors. Which is why we are proud to always recommend and use the legal glass-thickness of 6.38mm or more for all of our door installations.

Increase Security by Installing Safety Film to Your Glass Sliding Doors

Safety Film covering your glass doors and windows is one of the most effective ways to increase security of your residential and business buildings. Our team of experienced technicians express great confidence in the use of our standard 50mm and/or 100mm micron clear safety film, which would take potential intruders up to 1-hour to break through.

Benefits of installing shatterproof safety film on all of your glass doors and windows:
  • Strengthens and shatter proofs glass doors and windows
  • Burglars will almost always flee the scene rather than continue their attempts at force entry
  • Reduces risk of broken glass injuries
  • Reduces glare
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Reduces the risk of storm damage

Prevent Invasion and Burglary by Fitting a Nitelock to Your Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

Protect your loved ones and possessions with added security when installing a Nitelock which functions as barricade for entry/exit point aluminium sliding doors.

Once installed and securely anchored to the internal floors of your building, our Nitelocks actually use the strength of the floor to create a powerful resistance against attempts at forced entry. Potential invaders are instantly deterred once a Nitelock is spotted, due to it being nearly impossible to dismount the sliding door from its rail. You can have peace of mind at night or while you’re away, knowing that your Nitelock increases the security of your loved ones and belongings.

In addition, Nitelocks have been designed to unlock extremely quickly and easily, therefore allow for little to no obstruction during an emergency exit situation.

Maximize Security and Safety with Shatterproof Glass

As the name suggests, shatterproof glass provides a uniquely structured combination of glass to protective-film ratio which renders a glass door or window panel shatterproof. Upon client request or Glass & Allied Aluminium Windows & Doors’ recommendation our technicians will replace your existing glass doors and windows with shatterproof glass made up of 2x 3mm thick glass panels sandwiched together by 0.38mm security film, increasing the overall durability and safety of these glass fittings.

Benefits of using shatterproof glass over standard panels and/or alternative materials used for doors, include:
  1. Injury prevention in an accidental breakage incident
  2. Increased protection from potential home invaders
  3. Increased weather-damage protection
  4. UV protection
  5. Aesthetically pleasing

Reduce the Risk of Burglary or Injury and Increase Safety with Window Restrictors

Glass and Allied restrictive stay window-fittings are an absolute must for any residential or high-rise building. After our restrictive stay fittings are installed individuals can only open windows as wide as 120mm, thus reducing potential risks of burglar entry, accidental injury or even attempted suicides.

Securely fitted bereft of key unlocking or removal system, to prevent potential burglars from tampering with or picking the lock mechanism.

Expanding Gates and Sliding Door Security

Slam Lock Sliding Doors and Security Gates

Automatically locks when slammed shut. Thus improving security capability by speeding up and simplying the lock process in times of distress. When faced with the possibility of encountering a predator in your home, every second counts!

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